The Art Of Being First To Arrive Too Late - A film about Paul Hansen (full version, English subtitles)

Thomas Nordanstads film about 2013 World Press Photo Award winner Paul Hansen is not just a portrait of a photo-journalist but a filmmakers attempt to show what the world a photo-journalist occupies. We therefor go much further into the conflicts, getting to know the people in them – making it social documentary as well. The viewer gets to interact with the events that Hansen photographs: Ukraine, Haiti, Gaza and Palestine. Some time the film has a vérité-style “point of view” (as when the war breaks out in East Ukraine for instance, other times are bound in reflection and thoughts about anxiety, fear etc and what goes through Hansen´s mind. Finally film celebrates one of the best photographers and photojournalists in the world right now, through his own lens. Music is composed by “The Soundtrack of our lives” – hero Ebbot Lundberg and cinematography comes from “The Act of Killing” and “Armadillo” celebrated Lars Skree.