More images from Golden Days

This is more an image gallery of what is in the film  and some others that worked as stills but did not end up in the film anyway!

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Introduction to my blog

This is the page where I update things that happens, such as surrounding the films I have in progress and projects that are just launched and have dates for screenings etc. Presently it is the feature film project “The Letting Go” that occupies me the most, as is the film together with CM Von Hausswolff […]

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Medellin midnight

Here is is is this inside the blog or outside….   Night view from Medellin on last evening if Colombia with the team

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Kubrick interview

Inspiring and rare, this interview gives to the first steps of the filmmaker experience…

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Keeping presentation and design-specific markup out of their content is an absolute requirement. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that editors and writers are content with rigid, predictable designs.